As a fellow race fan, I want to commend you for the incredible success of your business. Racing is my passion. I have been racing since the young age of nine. Iím looking at your business to be part of my winning combination for the upcoming 2013 racing season.
My team has traveled throughout the region and claimed many victories and championships. I have been recognized in several magazines, newspapers, and websites and even on ESPN for my racing accomplishments. My racing objective is to build and maintain relationships with individuals and corporations that will enhance my competitive edge, while creating a championship caliber race team.
During the 2013 race season I will be racing a 2008 C. J. Rayburn Crate Dirt Late Model throughout the Midwest. You might ask yourself why you should sponsor my race team. There are many advantages of sponsoring my race team:
Racing at several different tracks will give your business recognition.
Exposure to sports media, newspapers and television.
Many opportunities to meet with racing magazines to recognize your business.
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2013 sponsors
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Zak is currently looking for sponsors for the 2013 season.